Gabry Ponte - Dance Lab

Gabry Ponte - Dance Lab

August 3rd, 2018 / By: Wausti

We thought Gabry were completely lost to the world of modern dance music, but back in late June, on his latest EP he surprises us and shows that he hasn't totally forgotten where he came from ...a wonder we haven't heard about it before now.

On the new EP you'll find the track Felicità which is pure old italo Gabry-style it even have hints of U.N.D.E.R.G.R.O.U.N.D. in it. The track is instrumental, but in the Official Video (below) there is lyrics going on during the song, perhaps there is a vocal version?
The other two tracks are in different styles though - Tanja is pop with a twist of soft hardstyle and the one with DJ Matrix is bouncy, similar to the previous tracks they have done together.

Let's hope for more of this kind from the dear Gabry Ponte...


1. Gabry Ponte & Pop X - Tanja

2.  Gabry Ponte - Felicità

3. Gabry Ponte feat. DJ Matrix & Nashley - Salgo Sul Palco


Official Video of Felicità:

Label:Dance and Love (Italy)
Release date:June 29th, 2018

Buy it here: