A few Lento / SlowStyle news

A few Lento / SlowStyle news

September 23rd, 2017 / By: Wausti

Like the rain in fall, it is litterally dropping down with lento and slowstyle releases....

First up are 2 EP's by the scotish label Slow With Style, that has been away for quite some time now, but are finally back with some new releases:

Slow Summer 2017 Part 1:

1. Doctor Dave - It's A Magical Day (Loop 2)
2. BenceK - Melodia
3. Dj Victor Ss - Pump It
4. Csarankó Lajos - Processor (95 bpm Mix)

Slow Summer 2017 Part 2:

1. Ricky Style - Beat Down
2. Gabry Tanz - Beautiful Morning
3. Gabry Tanz - Duck
4. Doctor Dave - Sour Grapes

Next up is Carbo Bass with his new track "Tra Le Stelle"

Then there is a new track by Roby.D called "Space" in a hard slowstyle.

and last one is BenceK with his track "Beck"


Label:Slow With Style, Kendra, Italian Creation, Beverly Music
Release date:September 18th, 2017

Buy it here: