Federico Romanzi - Inkas

Federico Romanzi - Inkas

August 30th, 2015 / By: Würden

Having teased that he has over 30 upcoming releases, incredibly productive producer Federico Romanzi just annound his third release in a month entitled Inkas.

The track Inkas originally comes from Decibel EP Vol 3.5 by Spaghetti Trip but is now released as a full single including 4 different versions:


1. Inkas

2. Inkas (Long Version)

3. Inkas (Short Version)

4. Inkas (Syncopatic Version)


The style is of course classic Lento Violento style as we know from Romanzi.

The release will be available in various digital stores from September 4th.

Thanks to Dj-Laeske for the tip.

Label:FF Label (Italy)
Release date:September 4th, 2015

Buy it here: