DJ sTore - La Musica Che Unisce vol. 3

DJ sTore - La Musica Che Unisce vol. 3

September 25th, 2016 / By: Würden

Another higly productive gentleman is coming out with a new album. Unlike Mr. Romanzi who releases all his tracks individually producer Salvatore Gargiulo usually releases albums under his alias DJ sTore. The album is the third in his Musica Che Unisce series, which means something like "Music that unites".

Salvatore is highly inspired by Gigi D'Agostino which you can clearly hear in his productions, so if you are a fan of Gigi's music this is definitely worth checking out. The album features 18 tracks and is available today. The album is self-released so you need to send Salvatore €6 on PayPal and contact him on email or facebook to get the download link. See buy-link in the grey box to the right.

1. Dj sTore - Cerimonia
2. Dj sTore - Elephant
3. Dj sTore - Free Tibet
4. Dj sTore - Hymn Nana
5. Dj sTore - Mercatino (Restyling Mix)
6. Dj sTore - No Woman No Cry (Vortix Mix)
7. Dj sTore - Pinocchio (Musical Vision 2016)
8. Dj sTore - Pollo Fritto (Cottura Lenta Mix)
9. Dj sTore - Reality (Dance Rmx)
10. Dj sTore - Sound Of Silence
11. Dj sTore - Suoni a Colori
12. Dj sTore - Tetris (Cammino Contento Mix)
13. Dj sTore - Thema
14. Dj sTore - Without Me
15. Dj sTore - Egyptian
16. Dj sTore - Let the Sunshine (Dance Mix)
17. Dj sTore - Marcia Nunziale (Special Track)

Release date:September 25th, 2016

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