DJ Nico Vlp - Tra Passato e Presente E.P.

DJ Nico Vlp - Tra Passato e Presente E.P.

March 22nd, 2016 / By: Würden

DJ Nico Vlp the alias of Nicola Volpe has a new album out entitled Tra Passato e Presente E.P. which is actually more like an album because it features 15 tracks. DJ Nico Vlp does also on this album present his unique musical talent with tracks in very different styles from minimal techno, dream house over to Lento Violento style/Slowstyle and classic Italodance - so the album has something almost for every taste.

We also get collaborations with well known Lento Violento producers such as Gpix and GFX909 and a remix of famous Italian singer Giusy Ferreri.

As a curiosity the album is not actually on any label but is available through donations, so you can decide what you think the album is worth and send the amount money, you decide, directly to DJ Nico Vlp through PayPal. He can be contacted on this Email address: [email protected]

1. Dj Nico Vlp - L'ultima Onda (Ext. Mix)
2. Dj Nico Vlp - Sorpasso Sull'onda (Ext. Mix)
3. Dj Nico Vlp - Boom (Ext. Bla Bootleg Mix)
4. Dj Nico Vlp - Hey (Ext. Bootleg Mix)
5. Dj Nico Vlp Ft. Gfx909 & Gpix - Malinconie Elettroniche (Vlp Bozza Lost)
6. Dj Nico Vlp - Kaze (Ext. Mix)
7. Dj Nico Vlp - Travelers Of This World (Ext. Mix)
8. Dj Nico Vlp - Dolci Sogni (Ext. Mix)
9. Dj Nico Vlp & Gpix - Favola Moderna (Ext. Mix)
10. Dj Nico Vlp - Musicus Flores (Hard Trip)
11. Dj Nico Vlp - In Marcia (Ext. Mix)
12. Dj Nico Vlp - Oltre Ogni Cosa (Sera Mix)
13. Dj Nico Vlp - Swag (Ext. Mix)
14. G. Caccamo E D. Iurato - Via Da Qui (Dj Nico Vlp Ext. Boot. Rmx)
15. Giusy Ferreri - Volevo Te (Dj Nico Vlp Ext. Bootleg Rmx)

Label:Not on label
Release date:March 20th, 2016

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