DJ Matrix & Matt Joe - Ho Voglia Di Dance

DJ Matrix & Matt Joe - Ho Voglia Di Dance

June 30th, 2015 / By: Wausti

For the ones who have been following italodance and lento violento for many years might have heard of the italian producer, DJ Matrix before. Maybe from his time on BIT Records (around 2006-2008) or his later releases on the label owned by the italo-legend Gabry Ponte DanceandLove, where he had a hit together with Paps'n'Skar on the track "Voglia Tornare Negli Anni 90's" in 2013.

Now he is out with a brand new album together with his friends Matt Joe and Ubi - but also Paps'n'Skar is included this time!

It consists of 12 tracks that takes you on a musical journey through various Dance-styles, from the past to now.


1. Se vieni con me (feat. Giuli) 2:39

2. Ho voglia di dance on-line 02:07

3. Dimmi il tuo nome 03:16

4. Il mondo della notte 02:50

5. Mi sa che hai sbagliato festa (feat. Wan) 03:06

6. Ricordi di un'estate 03:04

7. Will Be Love 03:56

8. #Sonoancorasana (feat. Sarah Rivera) (Future House.. 04:25

9. Penso a te 2015 (feat. Vise) (Matt Joe Remix) 03:56

10. Scegli il coraggio 03:27

11. Fanno bam (feat. Paps'n'Skar, Vise) 02:55

12. Sul tetto del mondo 03:16


Label:DanceandLove (Italy)
Release date:June 30th, 2015

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