DJ G. Fabio - Yes, You Are

DJ G. Fabio - Yes, You Are

March 19th, 2017 / By: Wausti

It has been three years since we last heard from DJ G. Fabio, but now he comes with a brand new single called "Yes, You Are" including remixes by Bietto, DJ Cillo & DJ sTore and a Bonus Track called "Fade Out".

It will be available to buy the songs for a few € through paypal.


1. Yes, You Are (Italo Mix)

2. Yes, You Are (Bietto Remix)

3. Yes, You Are (DJ Cillo Remix)

4. Yes, You Are (DJ sTore Remix)

5. Fade Out (Original Mix)

Release date:April 10th, 2017

Buy it here: