Deep.Spirit - Lonely 2k17 (Remix Edition)

Deep.Spirit - Lonely 2k17 (Remix Edition)

February 16th, 2017 / By: Wausti

One of the biggest all-time italodance classics playing in the clubs, still to this day (at least in Denmark) is the austrian hit single "Lonely" from 2004 by Deep.Spirit originally started by the ARC Records team Dominik Cydlik (C.Y.T.), Roland Binder together with Bernhard Hochrainer and the voice of the lovely Pamela Hofbauer.

It orginally came out in 2004, later same year a remix edtion including perhaps the most known version of the track: DJ Lhasa remix was released. The year after came 2 more remixes, and in 2007 more remixes was released on a "All Versions"-edition.
In 2012 came two more editions called "Still Lonely" with new remixes, a dance/italo edition, and a hands up/trance edition.

Then in 2016, ARC Records reloaded the project, this time with a DJ-act performed by Alex Cortez and Phil Storm, and released a 2k16 edition with more new remixes! and after it turned out to be a big succes, it's now time for a Remix Edition, of course!

Official release info:

7 weeks #1 in the Austrian Dance-Charts - #1 in the Austrian Dance-Charts of the year 2016 - 500.000+ streams on Spotify - 175.000+ Youtube music video views in Spain - among others single releases in Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Central America, Russia & former Udssr, Vietnam and South Korea - appearances on the top CD compilations "Dream Dance" and "Future Trance" - Spotify and iTunes Chart rankings...

...with a rework of their own song "Lonely" DEEP.SPIRIT is one of the most popular Austrian Dance-Pop projects of the year 2016!

Because of many remix requests the successful team, consisting of the producers and songwriters Dominik "C.Y.T." Cydlik and Roland Binder from ARC-Records and the Live DJ Crew Alex Cortez and Phil Storm, decided to release a "Remix Edition".

It includes great versions by Jack Mazzoni, Alien Cut, CLG, Sunshine State and Bulljay!


01 Jack Mazzoni Radio Remix

02 Jack Mazzoni Remix  '

03 Alien Cut Radio Remix

04 Alien Cut Remix

05 CLG Radio Remix

06 CLG Remix

07 Sunshine State Radio Remix 

08 Sunshine State Remix 

09 Bulljay Radio Remix

10 Bulljay Remix



Label:ARC Records (Austria)
Release date:February 24th, 2017