Carbo Bass, Lajos Csarankó and more

Carbo Bass, Lajos Csarankó and more

July 13th, 2017 / By: Würden

The summer period is usually a bit quiet when it comes to new italo and apparently 2017 is no exception. At least Carbo Bass has a new single coming out soon titled "Il Bestemmiatore" which means something in the lines of The Blasphemer. The single is in his usual hard lento style and includes one version

1. Martello Mix

On a similar note Lajos Csarankó from Hungary also has a new release on the indie label First Planet by Media Records. The single is simply called "Bounce EP" and includes 3 different tracks in a hard lento style very similar to that of Carbo Bass. These two guys have previously released on the same label.

1. Bounce
2. Fuck'n Beat
3. Hands Up


Italian Creation is also very much into the Slowstyle scene and has a new release from newcomer producer Roby D, the single also includes just one track title "Yo":

1. Yo


Finally also worth mentioning is a, not entirely new, but similar release that we didn't cover. Hardbeatz is a new name on the German label ItaloDance Records and he has another 1-track single in the hard lento / slowstyle genre out:

1. Break The Floor

Previews can be found by hitting the buy-links to the right.

Looking forward we are eager to see what comes out after people's summer vacations, we are crossing our fingers for more cool italo news Smile