Carbo Bass - Hammer

Carbo Bass - Hammer

February 16th, 2019 / By: Würden

Andrea Carboni or "Carbo Bass" has a massive new SlowStyle album coming out at the end of February, it features 17 brand new tracks. Carbo Bass typically has a sound in the harder spectrum of SlowStyle and this album is no exception, if you like the style from Gigi's Lento Violento album this is definitely one you want to check out.

The album will be out on his own label Kendra Records from February 28th in various digital stores like iTunes, Beatport and Junodownload.

Track list:

  1. Ansiolitico (Valium Trip)
  2. Passo in Loop
  3. Dark Clap
  4. Cold West (Hammer Mix)
  5. Rimbalzo
  6. Permaloso
  7. Solare (Riflesso Mix)
  8. Venticello (Lati Della Strada Mix)
  9. Garden Party
  10. Tempo Perso
  11. Guardami (Smiling Mix)
  12. Tra Le Nuvole (Hard Concept Mix)
  13. Oriente
  14. Grattone
  15. Vivere
  16. Dream (Dance Mix)
  17. Viaggio Stellare (Aurora Boreale Mix)



Label:Kendra Records (Italy)
Release date:February 28th, 2019

Buy it here:


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Love the impressive cover art work of it Laughing out loud


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