B&W feat. Junior Paes - Flying To The Sky

B&W feat. Junior Paes - Flying To The Sky

November 28th, 2016 / By: Wausti

Three guys from each of their part of the world, has united to make a new track in the style that united them in the first place ...italodance ofcause!

The 'B' in B&W stands for Biagio Lisanti who comes from the homeland of italodance, Italy. Then there is the 'W' which stands for Willi Guagrilla who comes from the part of the world,  where the italodance has exploded the last couple of years and that is South America where Willi comes from Ecuador. Also the vocal, Junior Paes is from South America more specific, Brazil!


1. Flying To The Sky (Biagio Lisanti Mix)

2. Flying To The Sky (Claster DJ Mix)

Label:Bounce Records (Italy)
Release date:December 2nd, 2016