Autumn Flight vol. 2

Autumn Flight vol. 2

November 3rd, 2021 / By: Wausti

I created this label not only to popularize Slow Style in Russia and other countries where this genre is little known, but also so that people could listen and appreciate our music.
I found like-minded people, and many of them are more experienced than me, and together we will grow, improve the technique of writing music, move forward, learn from each other and exchange experiences. At least I want it to be like this.
" said Toporkov Slow (Kirill Tormazov), founder and head of Danca Lenta Records.

The first edition was released last year, in 2020. Now the second volume is ready to go out! It includes tracks from Daniele SpezioLentoLEXX, DJ NikySerafino Prosperi, Slava Tanz, J.B., Pentaghast, and Toporkov Slow himself. The tracks from this release will also be available as single releases....



1. Daniele Spezio - Tagliaerba (Extended Mix)

2. DJ Niky - L'arte Del Cassa Basso

3. LentoLEXX - Slow Rewind (Chaotic Disorder Mix)

4. Serafino Prosperi - Forgia Il Tuo Futuro

5. Serafino Prosperi - Ultra Infinity

6. Serafino Prosperi - Adams

7. Slava Tanz - Love Song (Toporkov Slow Remix)

8. J.B. - The World

9. Pentaghast - Hot Coffee

10. Pentaghast - Atomic World

11. Toporkov Slow - Cazzo Di Tutto



Label:Danca Lenta Records
Release date:November 11th, 2021

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