Adeejay - Disco Beat EP 2021

Adeejay - Disco Beat EP 2021

May 21st, 2021 / By: Wausti

Adeejay aka Adrian Lupu from Treviso, Italy has just released his first EP on his own label Lupu Records including 7 tracks!

We asked him about the story behind this release and this is what he said:
"So what can I say?! Disco Beat at first was an old idea, like the hundreds other unfinished projects I have in my pc! Just recently I went trough some of them, and found the inspiration to continue it!
After I made a 1 minute demo, I sent it to some of my friends who really enjoyed it and kept telling me that I should finish it! Well, I did and only afterwards I had the idea to release it, but I didn't want to release only 1 track, so I asked some people, including Simone (Genna), Marcelo (Tomma) and Bence, if they wanted to make a remix, and they accepted without hesitation! It's very satisfying to listen to other people visions of your track! I want to thank them for what they did! I decided to add 3 more tracks,

Road to Edenia which is an old style italodance with a very nice melody;
Folklore, which is a lento folk style track, with a melody I had in mind since I was a little kid, that i first listened in Romania (country side) but I never found out the name and artist;
and last but not least, Wonder, a lento violento melodic track that I like very much! All tracks are instrumental with few vocal cuts in!
I want to thank all my followers and people who likes my style, and i'm very proud of this "little world" i created for me! I hope all will enjoy and keep supporting me for more!"


1. Adeejay - Disco beat

2. Adeejay - Disco beat (Tømma:slowbeat remix)

3. Adeejay - Disco beat (Genna from Magna Romagna remix)

4. Adeejay - Disco beat (BenceK remix)

5. Adeejay - Road to Edenia

6. Adeejay - Folklore

7. Adeejay - Wonder (78bpm mix)


Label:Lupu Records
Release date:May 21st, 2021

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