Jordi Carreras

Jordi Carreras

Ever since he was a young boy, something predicted that Jordi had a preference for music and entertainment. Hours and hours listening music in a room full of marvelous dance tapes. With more and more passion, all that could have seemed to be a fantasy began taking a clear direction: Live for Music.

At the age of 18, he began to work in the night scene, being second Dj in many discos in Barcelona, like Jimmyz, Carpe Diem, Primer Ministro or Xtravaganza. 
He begins to get vital expericience in them for future residences. In this period, 2 unforgettable moments stood out: the first in Nucli in Sabadell where he offered his first high level session, appearing on the poster with prestigious dj´s like Cesar de Melero, Willy San Juan and Dj Oliver. And second, in the Colors festival celebrated in the summer disco Torre Melina in middle of 1997 where he is the supporting dj act of the one and only , Oscar Mulero. He couldn´t believe that he was in front of a faithful crowd, devoted at such late hours, which he didn´t let down.

In the summer of 98 he goes to Menorca to occupy the booth in the disco Luna Menorquina where he combines his sets with his duties of a morning radio announcer in 40 Principales with the late afternoon program "Weekend Club", which was all a revolution on the island. After summer, he resided in disco Karai sharing booth with Dj Sas, spinning the stongest techno-house and progressive sounds. At the end of 1999, Jordi returns from the island and he installs himself again in his natal city, Barcelona. This is the time when he incorporates in the booth of Millennium, with one of his greatest teachers, Ricky Soro. During this period, Millennium is an authentical craziness thanks to the fun sets full of comerical music. After more than 2 years of this fun period, Jordi puts the end to this career to confront new professional challenges.

At the same time, after his return from Menorca, he begins to work as the producer of the program "Black Rac" on Rac105fm with the artistic name of Jeycee. Everynight from 22 to 2 h with Sergi Domene, house in pure state, they are able to get a high level of radio listeners. With this artistical name, Jeycee, he releases his first production "Mr. Happy" editted by the label Tanga Records, produced with Mac Devila and with remixes by Mikel Molina. At the same time that he combines his Dance dj carrer and his House dj carrer, his sessiones makes him go around the country, spinning in discos like The Face ( Valencia ), Alambra ( Granada ), Morrison and Zona 4 ( Sevilla ), Festival Camel Trophy 2002 ( Canary Islands ), Discotheque / Up6 / Piu / Torres de Avila / City Hall / La Atlantida / 759 ( Barcelona ), El Divino ( Ibiza ), Canelas / Xallas / Dona Dana ( Galícia ). Definitly in the best discos of the country.

It is in 2001 when he was given the opportunity to become part of the compilation "Technics The Original Sessions vol. 5" with those who where his teachers, the members of the "Dream Team", Toni Peret, Josep Maria Castells and Quique Tejada. A dream come true. With them, he mixed the dance session in the compilation and he became part of the select group of Djs "Technics". In 2002 and 2003 he is the official dj of the "Panasonic" compilation, a thing that lead him to do a tour in many spanish cities such as Barcelona, Girona, Sevilla, Bilbao, La Coruña, ...

In 2003 he releases his first dance production, "Dance" ( Bas Music ). With more than excellent result, he even dares to make a videoclip being this way one of the few national dj´s who can show-off about having his own videoclip. Thanks to this work and scaling career, Deejay Magazine nominates him in the Deejaymags of the year as Best Revelation Deejay and Best Commercial Dance Production. In June of 2004 he presents "Tell me why", one of the most outstanding dance hits of the year and not only in Spain, but in half of Europe. Thanks to this production he wins the "Deejaymag 2004" for the Best Commericial Dance song of the year in the VII National Awards in Dance Music. All an achivement. Also, for his good career as a dj and producer, he also receives an award as the best producer and Dance Dj in 2005, in the first edition of the "Groove Anual" awards.

Jordi always says that "the best award is doing and dedicating yourself to that thing that you have always dreamed about, sharing your feelings with the crowd in front of you or listening to one of your songs". It is true. If you have ever had the opportunity to go to one of his sets, you know why he says this. His connection with the crowd is total. Always with an exquiste musical taste, clean tecnique and postivie energy that makes his show an authentical party and a fun apotheosis. 

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