Nadir Tanz - Future Slowstyle

Nadir Tanz - Future Slowstyle

March 27th, 2013 / By: Andrea Doerner

Nadir Tanz Carlucci has been very active in the last 2 years releasing several singles and albums in different musical genres, continuously testing new sounds and experimenting with musical boundaries.

Commedia Lenta (in collaboration with DJ Nick), Pa Pa Pa, and Giochi Sonori, and Experimental Sounds Vol. 1, were his Slowstyle releases while he also produced several progressive house albums under his Da Darksky alias.In his Experimental Sounds Vol. 2 album, Nadir went to an even different musical genre, combining Slowstyle and Hardstyle tracks in one powerful album.

Combining progressive and hardstyle sounds with his slowstyle tracks has been typical for Nadir’s last two releases and also becomes apparent in his latest album, Future Slowstyle, released under the Italo Rumble Digital label.

The album contains 9 songs ranging from melodic tracks, such as Dreaming and Slow In Love, to ones with harder kicking bass lines, like Caos or Casbah Casbah. It’s A Dancefloor or Nexus are particular attention grabbing where Nadir injects powerful sounds into what could have easily become flatlined loops.

Nadir has again managed to put a great deal of variety within this relatively short album. For listeners who enjoy the continued evolution of the slowstyle genre, this release does not disappoint. His originality truly sets him apart from others.

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