DJ Fole - Ethos

DJ Fole - Ethos

October 14th, 2017 / By: Wausti

Stefano Folegatti is back with a new track in his SlowStyle alias DJ Fole. It has been hidden away since April when he released Glory & Honor on Style Records, but it doesn't meen he hasn't been active producing, on the contriary 'cause he has various aliases, the more known are Stephan F and ofcause Dance Rocker.

This release will be out on his own label StepSal, that is managed by him and Salvatore "Seleco" De Rubis (also owner of Italo Rumble Digital)


1. Ethos (Extended Mix)

1. Ethos (Radio Edit)



Label:StepSal Music (Italy)
Release date:October 13th, 2017

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