June 6th, 2016
The four experienced djs are still going strong with their radio show, and marks the success with an...
May 19th, 2016
Dance Room is the name of a program on the italian webradio Radio Emotions, owned by Andrea Mariani....
April 23rd, 2016
Giry 360, FuoriGiry or just Giry alias Alberto Giribaldi has a new album, which is actually more lik...


May 14th, 2016
Listen to the entire story here: the end of March it was announced by Radio Emotions, that their radio show “Dance Room” with Dallas & Geekerd, Magna Romagna,...
December 4th, 2015
Few days after returning from our trip to see Gigi D'Agostino on New Years Eve ...we were determined to go see him again, but this time for Halloween,not only because it was amazing and we missed the most of the set of Luca Noise and hope he would jo...


June 10th, 2016
Started by: Wausti
June 10th, 2016
Started by: Dj Aquacrash
So, we're halfway in 2016, and i was wondering; what kind of music do people on here listen to...
June 5th, 2016
Started by: zenigatagargamella
new  Italodance remix  of Tove Lo - Talking Body    
April 24th, 2016
Started by: Lucky65
Hey guys, had too much time on my hand, and since we'll never get a proper version of this track, I...


Prezioso feat. Marvin
Fabrizio e Marco

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