DJ Lhasa

DJ Lhasa

Maurizio Braccagni was born on November 26th, 1968.

He started his experience as DJ about 20 years later, in 1987 and released his first record in 1989. For almost four years, during his dj-nights he plays tekno music, especially from northern Europe, and this style influenced his future artistic direction deeply.

In 1993, under the name of Two Cowboys, Maurizio reached the top of the European Sales Charts with the track titled "Everybody Gonfi Gon". Thanks to this hit, Maurizio Braccagni makes himself known as top deejay playing in many clubs in Europe and remixing many dance and pop acts like Whigfield and JK.
Now he spends most of his time working on compilations, remixes and tekno commercial music in his studio Mabra Studio.

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