Movimentolento vol. 1

Movimentolento vol. 1

March 4th, 2008 / By: Henrik Sørensen

Thomas Prioli and Carlo Oliva, 2 guys known best from projects such as DOS and WOOFER (in cooperation with Gigi D’Agostino). They have now decided to make a brand new Lento Violento album called Movimentolento where they give young talents the chance to bring us their interpretation of Lento Violento.

Track list:

00. Intro
01. Andrea D’Elisi & Daniele Cocuzza – Light Of The Heart
02. Speedj – We Stand Out
03. Dark Project – Your Bass (Catania Mix)
04. Jojo DAK – GSM DAK
05. Dj Andreoli – Fretta
06. Dj Icestorm – Seratina
07. TANZ89 – Koiddio
08. Love System – Infinito (melodico spasmodico mix)
09. Iron Dee Jay – Alpha Walk (M.T.S. Concept)
10. Adrian Lupu & Andrea D’Elisi – Melodichen
11. Adeejay – Pressione (pressomix)
12. JiZmO – Singhiozzo (WetAngel mix)
13. Dj Erminio – Viaggio Immaginario
14. Love Factory – Sometimes The Dreams Come True
15. Bonus Track – La Sirena

When looking down the track list none of the names may seem familiar, but my Lento Violento heart was telling me not to be afraid of anything so the CD was gladly put in the stereo for the violent slow moving sounds to fill the room.

It Starts with an intro where an Italian voice says Movimentolento Volume Uno. Around 57 Seconds later the first song Andrea D’Elisi & Daniele Cocuzza – Light of the Heart starts where the first thing to come to mind was: that’s REALLY NICE! It has really a great and beautiful Melody and the bass is not too hard. The song makes you think back to Lento Violento …e altre storie by Gigi D’Agostino where both Lento with beautiful melodies and that hard slow moving bass are present

The second song is Speedj – We Stand Out which has a bass much similar to the one Gigi D’Agostino use, a hard but great bass that just pumps out of the stereo. 2 minutes and 14 seconds in, a voice says: WE STAND OUT LIKE BURCH whereupon the bass stops and a hard melody started kicks in. Around 02:56 in the bass kicks back, 40 seconds later the male vocal starts again. With its hard noise and similarities to Lento Violento Man We Stand Out sound like a track Gigi D’Agostino could have produced.

Dark Project – Your Bass (Catania Mix) has all the elements a Lento Violento track should have: a great slow bass, a lot of difference in the sounds. 02:25 in a male vocal saying: “project” appears, a detail which fit perfect in to the song. 02:44 the vocal stop and 02:52 the song breaks out for the bass to start 5 seconds later. Not a bad song at all but quite decent.

Jojo Dak – Gsm Dak is one of this compilation’s best. It starts with the sound of radio intereference and about 22 seconds a hard but slow bass begins. The tempo is only 90BPM which makes it quite a slow track. It has no vocal and a very monotone sound but with the tempo taken into account they fit the track very well nevertheless.

Number 5 Dj Andreoli – Fretta is another track in the harder and more subtle end of the Lento Violento spectre. It starts very slow but about 44 seconds in the bass kicks in slowly just to get harder but keeping the slow tempo. About 01:22 in a male vocal saying: Here We Go Again starts fitting the bass perfectly though it is an average track still.

Dj Icetorm – Seratina has a great, deep and slow bass, different sound elements and male vocal mumbling something in English with ’20 millimetres’ (without knowing what he hints to). The best is the synth part from 01:11 to 02:22 and again from 03:15 to 04:06, otherwise a decent track.

Number 7: Tanz89 – Koiddio pumps from the very beginning with 90 nice and slow violent beats running all the way to 1:07 in until a little drum solo takes over for 10 seconds. At 01:39 a male vocal saying nonsense begins, quite weird but it fits the track. 02:54 in the vocal stops for a synth at 03:04 to start whereupon the bass kicks in a little later. Really a great track and for the lento lover and my personal favourite on this compilation.

Love System – Infinito (Melodico Spasmodico Mix) has a beautiful melody where they use a sample that sounds a bit like when whales communicate with each other, funny idea and a great track.

Next up is Iron Dee Jay – Alpha Walk (M.T.S. Concept) which is the longest track on the CD (07:03). The track includes the usual Lento elements - many different sound effects, a hard but slow bass, a lot of small drum solo’s, and a vocal sample saying: “bass, how low can you go”. Not the most ingenious but it makes an average track work.

Adrian Lupu & Andrea D’Elisi – Melodichen uses a highly lovable bass sounding like Gigi D’Agostino’s, nice, slow and hard and fits together with the hi-hats used which makes it a very nice cocktail.

Number 11 Adeejay – Pressiono (Pressomix) the first thing to come to mind when hearing this track is simply “Gigi D’Agostino” – because it has a lot of elements from his productions such as weird vocal samples, a great, hard and slow bass with many sound effects to follow, altogether making it a great lento track.

Jizm0 – Singhiozz (Wetangel Mix) starts with a very deep bass but still using all the classic elements. The whole song have a quite dark and mysterious theme which actually makes it quite good. It is comparable to Gigi’s project La Tana Del Suono but with a slower tempo.

Number 13 Dj Erminio – Viaggio Immaginario uses much of the same elements but differs with a slightly lighter sound and children’s vocal sample sounding like the voice of Gabry Ponte’s remake of We Will Rock You - A great track but perhaps a bit short with a length of only 03:24 which makes it sound a bit incomplete.

Number 14 and second last Love Factory – Sometimes The Dreams Come True stands out from the rest with a great fantasy-theme that spans most of the track. The best part is from 02:53 till 03:40 where the bass pumps through the beautiful theme.

Finally there is the bonus track La Sirena (which Prioli and Oliva produced). It is a mystery why the Italians behind this compilation chose to make something this bad. Of course it is the first Movimentolento compilation and they need to do some PR, but why the hell advertise for something people have already bought!? Internet and radio should fulfil those needs, no reason to ruin the CD.

Movimentolento Vol. 1 is quite a playground for new and upcoming artists where Thomas Prioli and Carlo Oliva should be proud of their result so far. Except for the bonus track, which is a stupid mistake, Movimentolento Vol. 1 is a great compilation and definitely a must if just your heart is pumping a little slower than the average whether it will ever reach the commercial market is questionable though.


Genre:Lento Violento
Type of media:CDA



Seb's picture
April, 2006

I'm going to be honest. I played this CD once when I got it and haven't touched it since. The reason? It was not good as good as the preview sounded. Vol 2 is much better imo.

And this; "(in cooperation with Gigi D’Agostino)". Interesting.


Wausti's picture
June, 2006

I still have to get it... well done, Læske! Smile

Würden's picture
September, 2006

Well i can't blame you for not liking it Seb but I think it's quite good and agree pretty much with Laeske's review. I have listened to it several times.


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Janik's picture
November, 2006

Good and very detailed review Henrik..

I couldn't agree more Smile


Italo Rox!

Lucky65's picture
August, 2007

Humm It's a good cd, but not good as MovimentoLento 2 !
But freaking nice job on this one !