Scaffidi - TENYEARS

Scaffidi - TENYEARS

Released: April 2nd, 2020, IDP Records


Price: €6.99

Diego Scaffidi from Sicily, Italy is ready to launch his first album containing 10 brand new tracks all produced or co-produced by him as well as producer friends Mr Lybra, DeanDJ and as a duo with Jeuly in D & J.

Scaffidi has been active in the Italian SlowStyle community for several years and been releasing on various SlowStyle compilations and singles, recently also on IDP Records in a co-production under his alias DiegoSlow with Michele Dipalo, his album Cosmic Exploration.

IDP Records also has the honours of releasing Scaffidi's first album simply titled "TENYEARS" full of SlowStyle tracks to kickstart your week. We reached out to Scaffidi about the history and inspiration for his new album:

I love music since I was a child. I started producing 10 years ago, after the discovery of the strange world of Gigi D'Agostino.
The first music genre that I tried to make was slowstyle, but then I moved to other styles (dance, EDM, house, etc.)

This album is a celebration of my 10 years career and of the genre that first inspired me.

Scaffidi also adds:

I would like to thank my family and my friends for their support, and also the whole "SlowStyle" forum for the help given to me.
Thanks also to Fabrizio (Jeuly from "D & J") for the huge help provided to make my music better and thanks also to Mr Lybra and Dean Dj for authorizing me to remix their fantastic tracks!

Track list:

  1. Scaffidi - The Past
  2. D & J - Crazy Shuttle (Orbita di E5)
  3. Scaffidi - Chaos
  4. Scaffidi - Totem
  5. D & J - Paranoia (Viaggio Notturno Mix)
  6. Mr Lybra - Tandava (Scaffidi Remix)
  7. Scaffidi - Indian Chant
  8. Scaffidi - Psycho
  9. Scaffidi - Fears
  10. DeanDj - Dream (Scaffidi 2k20 Remix Edit)


Price: €6.99

Label:IDP Records
Genre:SlowStyle, Lento Violento
Item number:IDP026
Type of media:CD, Album
Release date:April 2nd, 2020