Roby B - Electrotecnica

Roby B - Electrotecnica

Released: January 19th, 2020, IDP Records


Price: €6.99

IDP Records is incredibly proud to announce our new collab with one of the best Lento Violento / SlowStyle DJs and producers right now: Roby B.

Roberto Blasa or just Roby B from Italy has previously released EPs on Media Records and had tracks on the Futurenoize compilations, but we have the honours of presenting his very first album with 12 of the best quality SlowStyle productions of 2020 to kick off another fantastic year of music.

Roby B is heavily inspired by and has in fact worked together with no other than Gigi D'Agostino himself. This is how Roby B describes his new album:

The album was born from the desire to release all my songs together, both old and new. Some tracks were produced in the spring of 2004, others in 2007, others in the past 2 years. As also for my DJ sets, I take inspiration from anything, especially electronic music, funky & afro.

Almost all the songs on the album are slow beat, another genre that I've always loved since the time of ottomix and especially after my collaboration with dj Gigi D’ very popular thanks to the style of Alan Walker, Major Lazer & Snake or Tones and I. It is my first album after the 2 singles and the "Tumultuoso EP" released last year.

Track list:

  1. Tramonto
  2. Back In Past (Album Edit)
  3. Around Again
  4. Incas
  5. My Prayer
  6. Rapporti Distorti
  7. Savana (Rework)
  8. I Won't Be Here
  9. Cocktail
  10. Dark Night
  11. Elais
  12. A Man With A Code Gun (Remix)
Price: €6.99

Label:IDP Records
Genre:SlowStyle, Lento Violento
Item number:IDP023
Type of media:CD, Album
Release date:January 19th, 2020