Ricky Style & Mark'M - Emozioni E Pestoni Danzanti

Ricky Style & Mark'M - Emozioni E Pestoni Danzanti

Released: April 26th, 2019, IDP Records


Price: €6.99

ItaloDancePortal is proud to announnce the first official IDP Records release of 2019 with a brand new colab album between Ricky Style and Mark'M from Italy!

Emozioni E Pestoni Danzanti is a energetic new SlowStyle album including 9 tracks individually produced by Richard "Ricky Style" Pinna and Marko "Mark'M" Maio.

Ricky Style and Mark'M describes the origins and inspiration for the album this way:

"Ricky Style and Mark'M united by a passion for music have come together to create an album with melodic and noisy characteristics, with various styles and nuances of which: rap, folklore, hardstyle, old style, slow, fast, Italian and progressive dance, a varied and energetic album"

Track list:

  1. Ricky Style & Mark'M - Streets Of Cairo (SuperZarroMix)
  2. Mark'M - Otamá
  3. Ricky Style - Intermittenza
  4. Mark'M - Reggae Beat (Marcia Pesante Mix)
  5. Ricky Style - Bau Ci Bau Bau (Abbaiando Mix)
  6. Ricky Style - The Beat And Bass
  7. Mark'M - Ar3 U R3ady
  8. Mark'M - The Last Of The Mohicans
  9. Ricky Style - Progressive Dream

The album will be out April 26th on IDP Records. Buy, download or stream through your favourite digital download store or streaming service, it will be available on all major channels such as Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer. As usual we also provide a special edition printed on CD exclusively through our own webshop.

Be sure to also check out Ricky Style's previous release Armonia EP on IDP Records.

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Price: €6.99

Label:IDP Records
Genre:SlowStyle, Lento Violento
Item number:IDP017
Type of media:CD, Album
Release date:April 26th, 2019