Ricky Style - Armonia EP

Ricky Style - Armonia EP

Released: November 11th, 2017, IDP Records


Price: €6.99

When Riccardo Pinna aka. Ricky Style was a young boy, he had a passion for music, mainly for Italo Dance - especially for Gigi D'Agostino and his Lento Violento style, as his music always fascinated him.

He became more enthusiastic about the productions themselves which inspired him, by the age of 22, to acquire his first production software but immediately Ricky realized that it was not an easy walk to create his own music, that did not discourage him though, with tenacity and passion he succeeded learning to produce his own music and became quite good at defining his own musical universe.

Now Ricky Style is back with a new EP that includes 3 slowstyle melodic tracks released together with ItaloDancePortal.com's very own label IDP Records!


1. Passion For The Music
2. Deep Harmony
3. Hope

The EP will be out November 11th released on IDP Records. Get it in your favorite digital download shop or stream it on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music + many many more.

We also sell a very special edition on physical CD from our webshop, just hit the link "Webshop" up in the menu.

Hear the full versions (on request) at http://italosound.com

Price: €6.99

Label:IDP Records
Genre:SlowStyle, Lento Violento
Item number:IDP015
Type of media:CD, EP
Release date:November 11th, 2017