HGN & McW - ItaloLand

HGN & McW - ItaloLand

Released: December 7th, 2014, IDP Records


Price: €6.99

From our very own label comes another new release spun off from IDP Compilation vol. 2 released earlier this year.

ItaloLand is a magical place that everyone should go to and the title of the new single produced by Andrea Zingone better known as Hoxygen or The Arcane Charmers. IDP's very own Michael Waust is on the vocals.

The single includes several remixes such as a Dance Rocker remix and of course all the winners of our remix contest Claster DJ, DJ JPedroza, DJ sTore and DJ-V. As a bonus we also included the original version not previously released!

Check out the full track list below:

1. HGN & McW - ItaloLand (Original Remix Edit)
2. HGN & McW - ItaloLand (Claster DJ Remix)
3. HGN & McW - ItaloLand (DJ JPedroza Remix)
4. HGN & McW - ItaloLand (DJ sTore ItaloDance Remix)
5. HGN & McW - ItaloLand (DJ-V. Remix)
6. HGN & McW - ItaloLand (Dance Rocker Remix)
7. HGN & McW - ItaloLand (Original Edit)

The single will be available for streaming, on CD directly from IDP Records and in various digital music store from December 7th.

IDP wishes to thank everyone who sent in their remix for the competition and congratulate the winning remixes released on this single - and of course also thanks for all our fans for your beautiful support in our efforts to promote this amazing genre of music! Smile




Price: €6.99

Label:IDP Records
Item number:IDP003
Type of media:CD, Single
Release date:December 7th, 2014