Friendos - Un Nuovo Giorno

Friendos - Un Nuovo Giorno

Released: February 3rd, 2020, IDP Records


Price: €6.99

Taken from the IDP Compilation vol. 3, where the "Another Short Day" version is included, the track by Friendos now comes as a single release including fresh new remixes!

Behind the Friendos-project are the two guys Bietto aka Fabio Iulianello from Italy and McW aka Michael Waust from Denmark. The name "Friendos" comes from a weird mash-up of the englsh word Friend with an o in the end to make it sound italian, and then when plural it ofcause makes: Friendos! It has become a intern greeting between the two, and normally it is followed by the " :V " icon as the faces on the cover shows. The photo is from when they met in real life, in Turin, Italy at a Gigi D'Agostino-show.

They had been chatting and made several other musically projects together through the years. Then Michael would like to try to do something in italian, and Fabio were up for the idea and this is how it turned out to be....

It includes fresh remixes by Giry, Michele Dipalo and Pancho DJ!


1. Un Nuovo Giorno (Normal Short Day)

2. Un Nuovo Giorno (Normal Long Day)

3. Un Nuovo Giorno (Another Short Day)

4. Un Nuovo Giorno (Another Long Day)

5. Un Nuovo Giorno (Giry Remix)

6. Un Nuovo Giorno (Michele Dipalo Remix)

7. Un Nuovo Giorno (Pancho DJ Remix)



Price: €6.99

Label:IDP Records
Item number:IDP024
Type of media:CD, Single
Release date:February 3rd, 2020