T6 Radio - 100% Italodance vol. 2 [FREE COMPILATION]

February 16th, 2020 / By: Wausti

The french web dance radio T6 is back with the 2nd volume of their FREE italo compilation. Artists has donated their tracks/remixes to the compilation, and you can download it directly on the T6 website (http://t6-radio.radio-site.com) and it contains 22 tracks.


1. 666 - Amokk (Guistylez Remix)

2. Alan walker - Ignite (NicoNoise Remix)

3. Alan Walker, K-391, Tungevaag  Mangoo - Play (Pancho DJ Remix)

4. Angelo Ciaravola - Ghost In The Night (Italo Edit)

5. Ava Max - So Am I (Eugenio DJ Italodance Remix)

Release date:February 16th, 2020

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Ma.Bra. - I Want You + two more

February 15th, 2020 / By: Wausti

In december 2019, Ma.Bra. released the album "The Legend" including many of the recent single releases, but also some new ones. One of them is called "Yeah" and is now out on single too, together with two brand new tracks! One is called "Olé" and the other one is "I Want You" which fitting was released on Valentines Day.


Released: February 14th, 2020
1. I Want You (Ma.Bra. Extended Mix)

2. I Want You (.Ma.Bra. Edit Mix)

Gigi L'Altro feat. Roberto Francesconi - The Last Of The Mohicans

February 14th, 2020 / By: Wausti

In june 2018, Gigi L'Altro released his first album. On that album there was a version of "The Last Of The Mohicans", and now comes a new version in both radio and extended. The "album version" is more powerful and the "hands in the air" style, where the new versions is pure old school melodic storytelling italo.

Label:Bit Records (Italy)
Release date:February 14th, 2020

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Bietto - Crepuscolo

February 8th, 2020 / By: Wausti

Fabio Iulianello aka Bietto has just released a track under the project "Friendos", now he has a new track out under his own name, a pure Bietto maranza style track!

He has been working with various genres the last couple of years, mainly EDM, and has recently released an album on CD.

The new track is called "Crepuscolo" and means "Twilight".


1. Crepuscolo


Friendos - Un Nuovo Giorno

Released: February 3rd, 2020, IDP Records



Taken from the IDP Compilation vol. 3, where the "Another Short Day" version is included, the track by Friendos now comes as a single release including fresh new remixes!


Label:IDP Records
Item number:IDP024
Type of media:CD, Single
Release date:February 3rd, 2020

Friendos - Un Nuovo Giorno

January 31st, 2020 / By: Wausti

Taken from the IDP Compilation vol. 3, where the "Another Short Day" version is included, the track by Friendos now comes as a single release including fresh new remixes!

Label:IDP Records (Denmark)
Release date:February 3rd, 2020

Italodance Winter Hits 2020

January 27th, 2020 / By: Wausti

Our mother label Style Records has recently started a new tradition. They want to release a yearly Summer and Winter compilation with fresh italodance tracks! 
So a shout-out to all the italo/lento producers out there don't hesitate to send them your tracks and perhaps you will be included on the next one, this upcoming summer!

Label:Style Records (Italy)
Release date:February 1st, 2020

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Magna Romagna - Atto Secondo EP

January 22nd, 2020 / By: Wausti

After their first official release ever, back in september 2019, the two guys Simone Gennari known as "Genna" and Davide Genchi known as "Enki" are ready to send out their second EP ...well actually it's more like an album, 'cause it will contain no less than 13 tracks! Most of them are in good old classic lento style, all are in original versions and some of them has been remastered for the release.

Label:Moto Remoto Records (Italy)
Release date:February 14th, 2020

Bovoli & Naldi vs. Andrea Lupi feat. Spee - This Could Be Heaven

January 22nd, 2020 / By: Wausti

Flavio Bovoli has a new single out together with Naldi, Andrea Lupi and the voice of Spee. The original is a tropical/deep house style but included on the single is also a remix by Bovoli and Grek! in italodance style!


1. This Could Be Heaven

2. This Could Be Heaven (Bovoli & Grek! Remix)

3. This Could Be Heaven (Naldi Vision)

4. This Could Be Heaven (SpEE Sympho Remix)


Roby B - Electrotecnica

Released: January 19th, 2020, IDP Records



IDP Records is incredibly proud to announce our new collab with one of the best Lento Violento / SlowStyle DJs and producers right now: Roby B.

Roberto Blasa or just Roby B from Italy has previously released EPs on Media Records and had tracks on the Futurenoize compilations, but we have the honours of presenting his very first album with 12 of the best quality SlowStyle productions of 2020 to kick off another fantastic year of music.


Label:IDP Records
Genre:SlowStyle, Lento Violento
Item number:IDP023
Type of media:CD, Album
Release date:January 19th, 2020