August 9th, 2019 / By: Wausti

Marco Marzi and Marco Skarica is releasing a collection with some of their tracks including a few new ones too!

The album is called "Danceland" and contains 15 tracks.



1. Marco Marzi & Marco Skarica feat. Mad Fiftyone - Alza La Mano

2. Marco...

August 9th, 2019
August 5th, 2019 / By: Wausti

The spanish dj and producer Javi Perez Granados goes under the name Tss Proyect, and has for many years had vocal assistance by his sister, Irantzu. Their most known tracks must be "Me Voy De Fiesta", "Tonos" and "Asi".

Now they are back, and has just...

July 29th, 2019
August 5th, 2019 / By: Wausti

Two brazilian guys has created a fresh new italodance single. Under the name Algorithmical is Diego Caetano and behind the voice is Ramore Project aka Rodrigo A. Gomes also known as R.A.G. DJ.

The song is a cover of a brazilian song by ...

August 9th, 2019
August 2nd, 2019 / By: Wausti

Wender is an italian deejay and radio host mostly known for his radio show "Lo Zoo di 105" on Radio 105, and in 2008 he released this track with Gino Lo Spazzino and the voice of Gigi D'Agostino. Now almost 10 years after comes five brand new remixes! ...including one...

August 1st, 2019
July 17th, 2019 / By: Wausti

With tremendous pleasure and excitement IDP is announcing the third volume in our "IDP Compilation" series with 14 brand new and never before released tracks and remixes.

It's been 5 years in the making since vol. 2 (sorry about that) but now the final piece to complete the Italian tricolore collection of ...

July 19th, 2019
July 12th, 2019 / By: Wausti

Elena Tanz released her album "Dancetination" in April, and from that now comes a remix single of the first track on the album called "You Make Me Feel Alive". Included on the single are three remixes included, all in slowstyle, and it also includes the acapella for the ones who wants do their own try...

July 7th, 2019
July 10th, 2019 / By: Wausti

Federico Romanzi, mostly known for his track "Luna Park", which was released on Gigi D'Agostino's compilation "Disco Tanz" back in 2005. In the following years he has produced a lot of other tracks and remixes, some officially released, some was given out as a gift and some has never...

July 10th, 2019
July 7th, 2019 / By: Würden

Ma.Bra. Maurizio Braccagni is coming back big-time this year and is just pouring out new releases in old-school style you know from the DJ Lhasa days. Hand-Up mixed with ItaloDance just works epicly awesome as a combination and now he has two new singles out in just that style.

Ihr Seid So Leise is...

July 6th, 2019
July 7th, 2019 / By: Würden

Roland Eigelsreiter or "Slowstylelento" as is his lento-alias at the moment (he changes it sometimes) from Austria is continously putting out single-track SlowStyle singles on an almost monthly basis and this time it's a track called "Lento Trance Moment".

It's classic well-produced SlowStyle music that anyone into the genre will...

June 30th, 2019
July 7th, 2019 / By: Würden

Nicola Volpe from Salerno is back with a new futuristic album, well "Viaggio nel Futuro" means travel to the future, at least. It features 14 brand new tracks in different styles and it definitely lives up to his very adventurous, fairytale-esque self-image (just see the cover art) - not only in graphical style but also...

May 25th, 2019