March 15th, 2023 / By: simps0n

Luigino Celestino di Agostino & his friend Luca Martire better known as Gigi D'Agostino and Luca Noise released a second "Tanzen Lab 2" on Gigi's label Gigi D'Agostino Planet. The first Tanzen Lab came out back in September last year and Gigi also released a new album just last week...

March 13th, 2023
March 11th, 2023 / By: simps0n

Little known producer DJ Kica and his Artdom Records label published the new track "Ritmo Italo" back in August 2022 - still worth checking out though.
Hard Dance Style fans and especially Roberto Molinaro fans will love it!


  1. Ritmo Italo


August 26th, 2022
March 10th, 2023 / By: simps0n

Italian producer Andrea Callegaro aka GMDJ on the Brothers Records label in November 2022 released his version-concept "Dieci Cento Mille (Concept 2023)". Nothing special but sounds good.

The bad thing is that the Brothers themselves haven't produced new Italo bangers for a long time, updating and remastering only old tracks, at...

November 18th, 2022
March 9th, 2023 / By: Wausti

Back in 2020, Gigi D'Agostino released the first Slowerland album containing 21 tracks. One year later came the 2nd, an EP with 6 tracks. He then skipped a year, pehaps because of his health issues who knows, but now the 3rd volume is out! An album with 20 tracks...

March 6th, 2023
March 6th, 2023 / By: simps0n

DJ Pmj most knows as Patrick Helperstorfer (DJ and Producer from Linz, Austria) in November 2022 released a single "Rock this Club" on Mule Records.

PMJ has really lifted himself as a producer recently and is extremely active in the italodance scene with both official releases and unofficial remixes.


  1. ...
November 25th, 2022
March 6th, 2023 / By: simps0n

Riccardo Rossi & Raffaele Petriccione, better known as DeeJay Froggy and his friend DJ Raffy recently started a new label "Standing Records" and began to relase well-produced singles. 2022 has given us some great releases. One of which is "The Sky (Christmas Remixes)" and includes 6 more great tracks. These are already new remixes...

December 15th, 2022
March 3rd, 2023 / By: simps0n

Italian producer from Rome Roberto Minati who normally goes under the name DJ Noà is mainly known for his tracks on the MoviementoLento compilations "Transistor", "Technofever" and "Disco Dark" etc is back with new Lento track "Slowmotion".


  1. Slowmotion


February 14th, 2023
March 2nd, 2023 / By: Wausti

SpyCat Music has a new series of packs out! Check out the previews and notice the extreme resemblance to the original productions!

This is the pure Italo Dance synth preset pack by SpyCat.
Here you will have access to incredible presets for Diva, with the quality of the greatest dance music...

February 2nd, 2023
March 2nd, 2023 / By: simps0n

Roby Giordana (Italian DJ and producer based in Turin) with his friends DJ Jump (Giampaolo De Cesare), B1 (Luca Piazzon) and Bersola (as vocal), co-authored with Carlo Montagnèr, Luigino Di Agostino and Paolo Sandrini, decided to create their own version of the famous Gigi D'Agostino hit "La Passion".


  1. La...
December 9th, 2022
February 27th, 2023 / By: simps0n

Standing Records and Riccardo Rossi aka DeeJay Froggy has started releasing several quality productions lately and anothe one is "I'll Be Around".
Italo sound with a touch of Hands Up style.

At this pace it's already looking to be another good italodance year in 2023, we look forward to hear more from Deejay Froggy.


January 13th, 2023