August 28th, 2021 / By: Würden

Maurizio Braccagni or just Ma.Bra. is still very active as a producer putting out singles every now and then. Lately he's been circling back to the italodance genre which we here at IDP naturally are very happy about. Keep up the good work, we need more italodance releases Maurizio!...

September 10th, 2021
August 24th, 2021 / By: Würden

As we have a habit of here at IDP, we sometimes gather small releases and write about them in a single news article. It's been a long while since the last one, so we thought you might be interested in some of the releases since last time.

First up is DJ sTore who has teamed up with an old italodance favourite well-known if you have...

August 24th, 2021
August 15th, 2021 / By: Würden

The grand master of italodance music and the father of the lento violento style, Gigi D'Agostino is back with a brand new album containing 14 tracks in long versions.

As the title suggests, Lentonauta 2 is a follow-up to his album "Lentonauta" from 2019. The contains plenty of gold nuggets from Gigi's musical history, anyone who...

August 11th, 2021
August 9th, 2021 / By: Wausti

Behind "Noetica Trip" is none other than Luca Noise! A side-project for his own "journey without limits" as he describes it, where instinct and a "6th sense" took over and he just followed it..

We have to go back 12 years, since we last saw a solo release by...

August 2nd, 2021
July 17th, 2021 / By: Wausti

Luca Cilloni better known as DJ Cillo has a new single out together with his girlfriend, Erika Mein who is on the vocals. It's their 4th single together ...the previous ones has been released on Style Records' "Italodance Summer/Winter"-compilation series, but now they...

July 23rd, 2021
July 17th, 2021 / By: Wausti

Andrea Decibel is out with a new single, released on BIT Records with the vocals of his girlfriend, Dani.


1. Rosangel (Extended Mix)

2. Rosangel (Radio Edit)

3. Rosangel (Acustic Version)


July 16th, 2021
July 10th, 2021 / By: Wausti

Elena Tanz has a new single out called "Blue Clouds" using her own voice on this one, and you might find that it sounds a bit familar if you have been listening to "Il Cammino di Gigi D'Agostino" radio show, back in the day on m2o or on youtube etc. nowadays.. 'cause she used to be the female speaker on...

July 8th, 2021
July 8th, 2021 / By: Wausti

Almost 2 years ago, The Alien Cut guys Davide Maresca and Fabio Adamo released the first volume of "Musica Che Sposta" and since then, all their fans and followers has been waiting for the next one.... They were pretty soon after, out telling that they were already working on a...

July 23rd, 2021
July 7th, 2021 / By: Wausti

Marco Maio aka Mark'M from Italy has a complete album ready to go out now! We have released an album by Mark'M before, but that was together with Ricky Style, this time it's a solo album with some of Marco's friends guesting some tracks.<

July 17th, 2021
July 2nd, 2021 / By: Wausti

It's been a while since we've seen an official remix release by the italian producer DJ Cillo aka Luca Cilloni. In the past years he has worked close with DJ Cerla aka Floorfilla, and recently did some inedit tracks released on various italodance compilations, and his...

June 30th, 2021