Various Artists - Autumn Flight, Vol. 3

Various Artists - Autumn Flight, Vol. 3

October 15th, 2022 / By: Danca Lenta Records

A new release in the Danca Lenta Records series Autumn Flight is out on October 28th. Toporkov Slow, the owner of the label says the following about the release:

This is the third issue of Autumn Flight. I thank everyone who participated in all editions of my annual compilation, and I hope that there will only be more and only better. Moreover, this is how everything happens with Autumn Flight. This year the label has signed new names such as Rico Boni, Jony Avs, Kainar, Mike Feast, and ANDRIX . This time there are tracks in the collection, the speed of which exceeds 120 BPM, for example, a remix of PPK feat. Klipsa by Toporkov Slow. I wish the guys good luck, inspiration, and only positive in life. I am sure that the listeners will appreciate the work of the musicians, and let only positive things accompany them as well! Happy listening, friends!

The first volume came out in 2020, the second in 2021 and as is tradition this is the new one for 2022.

All tracks from the release also gets their own single release.

1. Rico Boni - Stars (Compilation edit)
2. LentoLEXX - Voci Di Primavera (DLR edit)
3. Rico Boni - In Your Head
4. PPK - Eto ya (feat Klipsa - Toporkov Slow remix)
5. LentoLEXX - Night Sky (DLR edit)
6. Rico Boni - Lento Melodico
7. Serafino Prosperi - Just Slow
8. Jony Avs - Stronger
9. Serafino Prosperi - Redefined
10. Jony Avs - Alba
11. LentoLEXX - Sahara Loop
12. Serafino Prosperi - Labo -7
13. Kainar - The Light
14. LentoLEXX - Travel Almanac
15. ANDRIX - Inteferenze Sonore
16. Jony Avs - Enigma
17. Rico Boni - Anni 90
18. Serafino Prosperi - Cod X
19. Mike Feast - Purple Flight (Vals version)




Label:Danca Lenta Records
Release date:October 28th, 2022

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