Sunny - Celestial Rendezvous

Sunny - Celestial Rendezvous

July 26th, 2023 / By: simps0n

Hungarian singer, producer and Radio DJ Sándor Pataki most known as Sunny or Sunnyboy released new track "Celestial Rendezvous" on his regular label A.C. Digital Records. As usual the single contains remixes from some of the best current producers, such as Angelo Ciaravola, Luigi Elettrico, DJ Spazio Remix, BenceK and Bietto!


  1. Celestial rendezvous (Angelo Ciaravola Operamix)
  2. Celestial rendezvous (Luigi Elettrico Remix)
  3. Celestial rendezvous (Dj Spazio Remix)
  4. Celestial rendezvous
  5. Égi Randevú (Bencek Remix)
  6. Word of a Hundred Colours (Bietto Remix)
  7. MesekönyvTörténet (BenceK Remix)