Summer Dance Tunes 2012

Summer Dance Tunes 2012

July 17th, 2012 / By: IDP


New compilation coming from Italo Rumble Digital with various dance tracks for the summer, including news from Dance Rocker and new remix of Emozioni Libere's "Melody Of My Life".

1. Valerio M & Tony La Rocca feat. Kiello - Baila bailando
2. Motel Synth George feat. Katok - Maranza Fairytale 2012 (Dagma E65 Extended remix)
3. Valentino Gisabella feat. Ninni Angemi - Racconterai di noi
4. Stephan F - Contact With the Earth (Original Mix)
5. Cristian Lavino feat. Pol Rossignani - Falling in Love (Original Mix)
6. Denik Fihonmhan feat. Stevan P - I like It (Club Mix)
7. Jhon Rush - New Life (Original Extended)
8. Jato Unit feat. DeAndre Day - Step Out (Stephan F Remix)
9. Antonio Coviello - Cry Away (Maurice B Remix)
10. Pulse Attack - Jump Tonight (Extended Mix)
11. Andrex - Oh Dj
12. BassMakers - Eastern Sunset (Original Mix) 
13. Dance Rocker feat. Leonardo D'Ambrosio - Reach Out (Extended Mix)
14. Francesco Masnata - Starting Over (Original Mix)
15. Emozioni Libere feat. Daniele Meo - Melody Of My Life (Sonatori Melodici Remix)


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Label:Italo Rumble Digital Records
Release date:July 11th, 2012