Philtronic ...a legend returns!

Philtronic ...a legend returns!

November 27th, 2020 / By: Wausti

Back in the day, when the italodance genre were on it's highest, there was a project called Philtronic, behind it was a guy from Brazil called Felipe Abel. Actually, he was the first italodance producer from Brazil. He produced under the Philtronic name between 2000 and 2003, and after he continued in his own name (you might know his remix of Fantasy Project - Fall In Love).
The productions with the "Philtronic" name after 2003, has not been produced by Felipe Abel.

He started producing at the age of 17. At that time, Felipe was working in a small CD store in his city and never imagined becoming a music producer, although Felipe was always involved with music.
Then, on a sunny day in the rainy city of Joinville in Santa Catarina, his friend DJ Duda showed him a software for music production, Fruity Loops.
On the first day with his few resources, Felipe created his first song, "Go !!!", which is present on Philtronic's first album.... (for more info visit

Now after 17 years, the legend returns!
Through the years he has been asked about other productions and remixes, and since it's now the 20th anniversary for the birth of the project, he thought it was time to celebrate by sharing a few unreleased tracks for free! and what a better time to do that, when Christmas is just around the corner...
At the same time he created places (on social medias) where you can go and listen to his music and find other info.

Every week in December he will post a new track, a total of 4. It will be posted on his social medias, so join them to get notified when they are available!

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Pssst... an extra special gift for producers will come on Christimas Day ...more about that later Smile

Check out some of Philtronic productions:




Release date:November 27th, 2020