Michele Dipalo - Vagamente

Michele Dipalo - Vagamente

April 11th, 2021 / By: Würden

Italian producer Michele Dipalo is back with a brand new album for 2021 titled "Vagamente" including a mixture of new songs and new versions of older productions.

In classic SlowStyle / Lento Violento as he is known for, Dipalo describes his new album this way:

Atmospheric loops, dark experiments, dancing melodies, bass present and in step. All conceived and worked with passion and the desire to refine the details. Vaguely it is a free journey where there is not much to think about, but you can open your mind and wander to understand its essence. The listening experience will speak for itself ..

I hope mynew album excites fans of the genre, and I be considered a true producer.

The album contains 12 tracks and is so far released only privately, which means you make a 8€ (or higher, to your likings) donation personally to Michele Dipalo to purchase the digital album.

Click here to make a donation and buy the album.

Track list:

  1. Stormwind
  2. Indelebile
  3. Blue Waterfall (feat. Luigi Elettrico)
  4. Home (Version 7 From 2016)
  5. Realismo
  6. Silenziosa (Zitta Zitta In Piazza)
  7. Fredezza
  8. Punkabbestia
  9. Marionette 2021 (From Soundanzerz 2013)
  10. Scatola Armonica (From 2017)
  11. Vagamente
  12. Mirage (Original By Gpix)

Dipalo will also release the album officially later on including at streaming services such as Spotify, he told us, but don't have a set date for that yet.