Michele Dipalo - The Reason

Michele Dipalo - The Reason

February 16th, 2019 / By: Würden

Michele "Soundancerz" Dipalo is back with a new free-to-download SlowStyle album with self-produced tracks. Michele has been part of the SlowStyle community in Italy for many years and have produced tracks together with DJ Nico Vlp, Gpix, DJ Stella among others. He also has an extensive collection of bootleg remixes of well known pop music.

His last two albums actually featured only remixes, hence they were also put up for free download. The new album includes 13 both old and new original tracks and is also available for free download. Michele actually gave us permission to upload the alum here on IDP, so you can download it as many times as you want Smile

Download the album here (Link removed because the album is now officially released, check out the IDP Webshop)

Track list:

  1. Michele Dipalo - Giramondo
  2. Michele Dipalo - All In The World
  3. Michele Dipalo - Sabbioso
  4. Dipalo vs. Mr. Lybra - Step It! (Dipalo Rework 2018)
  5. Michele Dipalo - Mappa Del Tesoro
  6. Gpix - Viaggetto (Michele Dipalo Remix)
  7. Michele Dipalo - Euroster
  8. Michele Dipalo - The Reason
  9. Michele Dipalo - Curiosando
  10. Michele Dipalo vs. Mr. Lybra - Tecnica Ethnica
  11. Michele Dipalo - Panic
  12. Michele Dipalo - Pietra Filosofale
  13. Michele Dipalo - Oltre (Opera mix)

Release date:January 12th, 2019

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