Magna Romagna - Primavera EP

Magna Romagna - Primavera EP

April 29th, 2023 / By: simps0n

The Italian Project of Davide Genchi and Simone Gennari most known as Magna Romagna is back with a new EP that will surely make waves. "Primavera EP" is a collection of four tracks that promises to bring the best of italodance, slowstyle, and hypnotic dance music. Released on their own label Moto Remoto Records.

The first track of the EP is called "Primavera". It is a melodic italodance song that captures the essence of spring with its fresh and light chords. The second track, "I Need a Dream (FM)", is a slowstyle song that is also melodic. The third track is an extended version of the second track. Finally, the fourth track, "First Trip to Nowhere", is a hypnotic dance track that skillfully combines analog and digital sounds to create a unique and immersive track.

"Magna Romagna - Primavera EP" is a musical experience that will not disappoint fans of dance music.


  1. Primavera
  2. I Need a Dream (Fm)
  3. I Need a Dream (Extended)
  4. First Trip to Nowhere (Lossy Mix)