Ma.Bra. - Flute

Ma.Bra. - Flute

September 1st, 2018 / By: Wausti

Ma.Bra. aka Maurizio Braccagni (or DJ Lhasa) has been pretty productive in the italo-style lately, mostly on his soundcloud, but now there is an official track out!
It's Ma.Bra.'s version of one the danish duo, Barcode Brothers biggest hits called "Flute" from year 2000, which is originally also a dance track.
Maurizio has pumped it up with his usual energy and a bit italobasso!

You can listen to it on Beatport (link in the right side of this page). >>


1. Flute (Ma.Bra. Edit Mix)

2. Flute (Ma.Bra. Extended Mix)

Here is the original version by Barcode Brothers:

Label:Mabra Records (Italy)
Release date:August 31st, 2018

Buy it here: