Luna Felix & McW - SHP Anthem 2019

Luna Felix & McW - SHP Anthem 2019

November 4th, 2019 / By: Wausti

From around 2003 and in the following years in Denmark, when the ItaloDance genre was on it's highest, a small community of italodance fans slowly formed during the various live events with the italodance artists. In the late summer of 2009, they decided to go to a house near the beach for a weekend just to barbeque, party and have fun playing italodance!
Funny enough there were only guys at the party, a true "sausage-party".... During one of the evenings, after taking a bit too much alcohol perhaps, one of the guys saw some leftover sausages and began laying them various places in the house... On a shelve in the living-room there was a figure made out of stone from the beach, and he put a sausage between it legs... (as you can see on the cover) and from that day it has been the official mascot of the SHP trips the "Italo-wiener"!

2019 is the 10th year edition of SHP ...we have only missed it one year, when the house were removed and there were build a completely new house.

In 2016, Luna Felix had produced a few tracks pre-SHP to announce at the party and between them were the first SHP Anthem. That's where the yearly SHP Anthem began, and then 2018 at the SHP, Luna Felix brought his laptop so we could play around with some producing too, and during that session he created the melody of this year's anthem!


1. SHP Anthem 2019 (Radio Edit)

2. SHP Anthem 2019 (Extended Mix)

3. SHP Anthem 2019 (Domasi Remix)

4. SHP Anthem 2019 (DJ Cillo Remix)

5. SHP Anthem 2019 (FranJ Remix)