Italodance Winter Hits 2020

Italodance Winter Hits 2020

January 27th, 2020 / By: Wausti

Our mother label Style Records has recently started a new tradition. They want to release a yearly Summer and Winter compilation with fresh italodance tracks! 
So a shout-out to all the italo/lento producers out there don't hesitate to send them your tracks and perhaps you will be included on the next one, this upcoming summer!

Just to make it clear, the labels that release italodance does NOT do it to make money, they simply do it for the love and passion to the style, and to spread it wide around as possible through the mainstream channels, where there is the best chance to get noticed (and it's up on the web for free download 30 min after release anyways, so to release it in shops is just a way to distribute it more).

This edition contains 15 tracks including various known italo-producers such as DJ Doddo, DJ Cillo, Glaukor, DJ HunterAndrea Decibel, Luna Felix, DJ Bovoli and Mark'M!


1. DJ Doddo - Electronic Love
2. DJ Cillo feat. Erika Mein - Time To Dance (Extended Mix)
3. Morgana - Until Forever (Extended Mix)
4. Andrea Decibel feat. Danix - Fammi Ballare (La Dance)
5. Kosmos Nautes - A Moment In Time (Crazy Up! Remix Edit)
6. Jonathan Proietto feat. Apulianoise - Balla Con Me ([email protected]_Dj-IhueS Remix)
7. Key2Em - Tobac (Original Cut)
8. Friendos - Un Nuovo Giorno (Normal Short Day)
9. Luna Felix & McW - S.H.P. Anthem 2019 (FranJ Remix)
10. DJ Doddo & DJ Heckstyler - Se Tu Stai Con Me (Glaukor vs. Impactor Remix)
11. Andrea Decibel feat. Danix - In Time (DJ Hunter Remix)
12. DJ Bovoli feat. Gianluca Conca - The Power Of Love (Sardinian Core)
13. Mark'M. - Happy Walk (Passeggiando Mix)
14. Michael Da Doctor - Aspirato Arrabbiato (Original Mix)
15. DJ 491 - Clap Like This (Extended Mix)


Label:Style Records (Italy)
Release date:February 1st, 2020

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