The History of Italo Disco

The History of Italo Disco

September 2nd, 2012 / By: denharrow

The long awaited  ITALO DISCO BOOK is out now.


Written by MARCELLO D'AZZURRO and JEROEN PETERINK, founder/members of the famous I VENTI D'AZZURRO italo-disco and dance fan club (since 1986).

The Dutch experts of italian dance music and managers of italo labels in Bologna know almost every italo star / singer / producer, from Albert One to Paps'N'Skar and most of them being their friends too.

The book comes with charts, insider knowledge, a who is who explaining / who is behind a project and a additional cd with 2 GB of data / sounds / photos.

A must-have for italo-disco fans but don't forget, with this book you will also get a lot of information about older songs, the eurobeat style and more.

Cost: 24,95 Euro plus shipping.

You can order it directly through: [email protected]