Elena Tanz - Tanz!

Elena Tanz - Tanz!

January 12th, 2021 / By: W├╝rden

Elena Coren better known as Elena Tanz has a new album out with 18 new SlowStyle tracks. The new album is called "Tanz!" and is her second album within only a year, the last one was "Moonlight" released in June 2020

Elena Tanz started DJ'ing at the age of 16 and shortly after, in 2004, started a collaboration with no other than Gigi D'Agostino, who was both an inspiration and mentor for her for many years. More recently she also started producing music herself and has been putting out releases on both CD and Vinyl at a steady pace since 2017. She is also still very active as a DJ and often plays live in Italy besides regularly releasing podcasts on YouTube.

The musical style on the new album is very similar to her other recent releases with most tracks being melodical SlowStyle inspired by the style of Gigi D'Agostino. The album is released on her own Label "Label Epoque" and as a rarity these days also available on CD or USB-stick through her webshop, besides being available in all the usual digital channels.

Track list:

  1. Elena Tanz - Whatever (Extended)
  2. Elena Tanz - Stray Heart
  3. Elena Tanz - The Distance
  4. Elena Tanz - Wonder
  5. Elena Tanz - Ragoo
  6. Elena Tanz - Forever Friday
  7. Elena Tanz & The Love Crew - 2k
  8. Elena Tanz - I Sing (Parapappa)
  9. Elena Tanz - Moonlight
  10. Elena Tanz & The Love Crew - Una Famiglia Esemplare
  11. Elena Tanz - True Love
  12. Elena Tanz - Paradise
  13. Elena Tanz & The Love Crew - Neverending Story
  14. Elena Tanz - Than She
  15. Elena Tanz - Barefoot
  16. Elena Tanz - Love U More
  17. Elena Tanz and Techno Squat - Nicolaij
  18. Elena Tanz - Fairytale

Bonus info: The track "Whatever" was also released on 12" vinyl as a single, which is something you only rarily see these days. It was a very limited edition and is currently sold out in her webshop.