DJ Nico Vlp - Tra Passato E Presente 2 E.P.

DJ Nico Vlp - Tra Passato E Presente 2 E.P.

July 3rd, 2016 / By: Würden

The Italian producer with comic book grapchical style and fairytale outfits Nicola Volpe or DJ Nico Vlp is ready with a new album entitled "Tra Passato E Presente 2 E.P.".

Actually more an album than an E.P. it includes 15 original tracks and remixes including a remix of Floorfilla - Sister Golden Hair. Many of the tracks are made together with producer friends Gpix, Gfx909 and Michele Dipalo.

DJ Nico Vlp blends many different styles on his album from dreamy minimal over to slowstyle and traditional italodance. His style is very unique to say the least and definitely something worth checking out.

The album is not actually released but you can get a link to download it directly from Nicola Volpe by making a PayPal donation to the email address [email protected]. He told us that it's voluntary, so it's up to you whether you think his album is worth paying 1€ or 10€ or more (or nothing at all).


1. Dj Nico Vlp - Elettrochoc (Return Mix)
2. Dj Nico Vlp - La Cassaforte (Breve Trip)
3. Dj Nico Vlp Ft. Gfx909 - Voglia Di Incontrarti (Michele Dipalo Sintesi Rmx)
4. Sir Cristian Ft. Dj Nico Vlp - Desideri (Vlp Soft Side 2 Di 2)
5. Malika Ayane - Tempesta (Dj Nico Vlp Ext. Bootleg Rmx)
6. Floorfilla - Sister Golden Air (Dj Nico Vlp Ext. Bootleg Rmx) (Bozza Grezza)
7. Dj Nico Vlp - Il Mio Presente (Edit)
8. Dj Nico Vlp & Gpix - Resurrection (Space Melody Mix)
9. Vladimir Presnyakov - Ostrova (Dj Nico Vlp Ext. Bootleg Rmx)
10. Dj Nico Vlp & Lory D. - Dreams (Edit)
11. Dj Nico Vlp & Gpix - Z (C.Z. Part Ext. Mix)
12. Dj Nico Vlp - Rock On (Ext. Mix)
13. Dj Nico Vlp - Il Cielo è Nostro (Bozza Trip)
14. Dj Nico Vlp Ft. Ambrus83 - Fantasy (Ext. Mix)
15. Heather Parisi - Disco Bambina (Dj Nico Vlp Bozza Bootleg Rmx) (Dance Side)

Label:Self released
Release date:June 29th, 2016

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