Deejay Stella - Motivi EP vol. 1

Deejay Stella - Motivi EP vol. 1

June 25th, 2020 / By: Wausti

Egidio Stella was born in 1987, in the town of Taranto, in the southern part Italy. He started experimenting with sounds already from a young age, with some of the earlier mixing and editing programs available. He has released various EPs and Albums through out the years, and this "Motivi EP" is a volume one containing unreleased tracks and bootlegs he has been working on the past 10 years ...and the word says that a volume two should be on it's way!

The tracks varies from melodic tanz style to the dark experimental slowstyle which Egidio himself calls "Esperimenti Notturni" becourse he gets most of the ideas in the night....



1. Deejay Stella - La Marcetta (Bootleg Rmx)

2. Deejay Stella - Mollo

3. Deejay Stella - Perdersi

4. Deejay Stella - Piccolo Sentiero (Dark Mix)

Out June 26th on IDP Records and available in most digital outlets for streaming or download and as usual also exclusively on CD from IDP's own webshop.