DeeJay Froggy & DJ Raffy - Trippin' (Italo Edition)

DeeJay Froggy & DJ Raffy - Trippin' (Italo Edition)

March 22nd, 2023 / By: simps0n

Riccardo Rossi & Raffaele Petriccione, better known as DeeJay Froggy and his friend DJ Raffy recently started a new label "Standing Records" and began to relase well-produced singles. And before DeeJay Froggy had time to release his solo track "Easy Come Easy Go", a week later the guys release their joint work "Trippin' (Italo Edition)"!
These guys are already making 2023 look very promising.

Including 7 remixes from several producers DJ Cillo, SR Prods, DJ Pmj & more.


  1. Trippin' (Frogganza Mix)
  2. Trippin' (DJ Cillo Remix)
  3. Trippin' (SR Prods Remix)
  4. Trippin' (Jeferson HS Remix)
  5. Trippin' (Jerry DeeJay Remix)
  6. Trippin' (DJ Pmj Remix)
  7. Trippin' (Luis Henrique Remix)