DeeJay Froggy & DJ Raffy - Chapter One (Album)

DeeJay Froggy & DJ Raffy - Chapter One (Album)

May 7th, 2023 / By: simps0n

"Chapter One" is the title of the very first full album from the Italian duo Riccardo Rossi "DeeJay Froggy" & Raffaele Petriccione "DJ Raffy".
15 brand new track in classic italodance style! What's not to like Smile


  1. Inner Light (Intro Mix)
  2. The Sky (DJ Raffy Mix)
  3. Only You (Opera Xix)
  4. Make It Hot (Millennium Mix)
  5. Into the Blue (Frogmania Concept)
  6. Teardrops (Road 2 TMF Mix)
  7. Forgive Yourself (Frogmania Concept)
  8. We're Going Out (Original Mix)
  9. Just Let It Go (Benelux Mix)
  10. Around in Circles (Frogganza Mix)
  11. Stay (Frogmania Concept)
  12. Trippin' (Frogganza Mix)
  13. No Pain No More (Rave Mix)
  14. I Found Love (Original Mix)
  15. Rave 'Til the Grave (Frogmania Concept Mix)