DeeJay Froggy and DJ Raffy - Road to T.M.F.

DeeJay Froggy and DJ Raffy - Road to T.M.F.

February 6th, 2023 / By: simps0n

Riccardo Rossi & Raffaele Petriccione, better known as DeeJay Froggy and his friend DJ Raffy recently started a new label "Standing Records" and began to relase well-produced singles last year, now the first from 2023 is ready "Road to T.M.F.".

Including remixes from several producers Bietto, Coke Montilla, DiviJ & Laags!


  1. Teardrops (Radio Edit)
  2. Teardrops (Coke Montilla Remix Edit)
  3. Teardrops (Extended Mix)
  4. Teardrops (Coke Montilla Remix)
  5. Teardrops (Bietto Remix)
  6. Teardrops (DiviJ & Laags Remix)
  7. Only You (Opera Mix)
  8. We're Going Out








Label:Standing Records
Release date:February 5th, 2023

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