Daniele Spezio - Spiseo Dance (Album)

Daniele Spezio - Spiseo Dance (Album)

September 11th, 2023 / By: simps0n

Italian producer from Palermo Daniele Spezio has been quite active over the summer slinging out both singles, EPs and a new album "Spiseo Dance"which  includes 16 new tracks. All in his usual Slowstyle musical style.
It's a self-released album available on Bandcamp and most common digital outlets.


  1. Cyber Hard (Viaggio Mix)
  2. Dancing in the Dark
  3. Sfogliatella
  4. Che Sound (Dance Mix)
  5. Phantasmagorical
  6. Pane E Panelle
  7. Calmante (Spiseo Dance Mix)
  8. Tubeless
  9. This Is Mondo Spiseo
  10. Spiseo Dance
  11. Mi Stai Registrando (Original 2019 Mix)
  12. Paste Di Mandorla
  13. Dewpa (2021 Mix)
  14. Scampagnata (Camminando Nel Prato Mix)
  15. Dewpa (Spiseo Dance Mix)
  16. Classicism