B.A.R. feat. Roxy - Gimme Hope

B.A.R. feat. Roxy - Gimme Hope

February 13th, 2024 / By: simps0n

The trio of Alberto Casella & Bruno Guerrini most known as B.A.R. (Short for "Build Another Riff") and their eurodance vocalist Roxy probably most known for the track "Come Together (Red Bull & Vodka Remix)" has a bit of comeback here with this new release (which is actually a re-release from previously).

Alberto Casella was also A&R Manager at Media Records, radio host at VivaFM in Italy and is an eager house music producer using both the B.A.R. name as well as the alias Bertie Basset. The "Double S Mix" although not italo, is produced by another legend Bruno Guerrini who is the producer behind artists such as "The Others", "Under:Cover" and "Capella"
The single "Gimme Hope" is out now on all major platforms.
Released on BB Sound label.


  1. Gimme Hope (Bar Style Edit)
  2. Gimme Hope (Bar Style Mix)
  3. Gimme Hope
  4. Gimme Hope (Double S Mix)



Label:BB Sound
Release date:January 31st, 2024

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