Zoe - This Isn't Love Anymore

Zoe - This Isn't Love Anymore

Submitted by IDP

In your eyes I see what you mean to me
When you're calling out my name
Boy you know that I want you by my side
So why do you feel this way
Can't you see that I want you in my life
So if you want to stay you gotta love me anyway

If you don't stop get away your the one I adore
But I don't need your lies anymore
All you bring is pain in my heart everyday from the start
Boy this isn't love anymore

Doesn't matter how
Doesn't matter why
'Cause today's another day
Ever since the time that we said goodbye
Didn't you know I meant to say

Can't you see me and you
How our love was never true
How was I supposed to know
Now there's nothing I can do
But turn away and walk away
Far away from you