Samhain - The Legend Of Jack O'Lantern

Samhain - The Legend Of Jack O'Lantern

Submitted by IDP

Once there was a man his name was Jack
lonesome, lazy, blacksmtih Jack
spending all his time laying on his back
beneath the mighty oooooak

Then one day
the devil came to him
asking for his soul
but Jack was no fool
he said no no no no
not unless you turn yourself to gold

...and so he did
but what he didn't know
was that Jack took the gold
into a pocket with a silver cross
so he couldn't turn back to what he once was

He promised Jack, to leave him alone
for another year, and if he should die
within the year, not to claim his soul

Soon Jack died, and the legend goes
not even God would have his soul
sent alone out into the night
with a burning coal to give him light